Will you be my Prince Charming?

A/N : Okay, I admit I’m not the best writer ever but at least I can write about one of my favorite couples right? Yes, I changed a few things if you don’t like BITE MEH! I own NOTHING!


“Um, okay class let’s begin..” Naru-chan sensei cleared her throat hoping that’d serve as a clue to the girls.

Hai!” The students drawled out lazily. Meanwhile Mari was attempting to NOT stare so much or at least so obviously at her dearest friend Akko. Just why did she suddenly find Akko so beautiful? Her light hair flowed perfectly down her back, Akko’s radiating smile – “Ahem ,Kumakura! ” “Huh?” Mari glanced up at her novice of a teacher. “Please pay attention, you’re one of my star pupils here unlike Oohashi staring at the window over there.” Akko merely gave her million dollar smile. “Yes, Naru-chan sensei.” “Ugh ,it’s sensei!” Naru-chan groaned muffling Mari’s cell phone. The second Naru-chan looked away Mari read her cell.

Mari-chan!, How about me ,and you go shopping? It’s been awhile besides I saw this outfit that look sooo cute on you!

Mari grinned happily, and replied : Sure! Wanna bring Sugi-san and Tamami-chan?

Nah, I’m sure they’d drag us EVERYWHERE . Just us? Afterwards we can go to my place.

Mari’s face flushed pink, that kiss with Akko-chan…even if it was when she was asleep it felt….special Then again that was her first kiss so maybe it was a typical girl thing. Like Akko-chan said it was only a kiss between friends right?

Late night

Akko’s been worried about Mari-chan lately. She could hardly look her in the eye today .Maybe it was that kiss thing again. But…Akko was certain she had explained to Mari-chan that it was okay. Better a kiss with her best friend than dancing naked on a table or something huh? Akko beamed ,Mari-chan probably couldn’t resist that new perfume Akko wore. The one thing that confused Akko was why did she blush when Mari-chan admitted the truth? All her friends kissed, she was used to it so…..why did her heart thump? Akko sighed, there was little chance she was going to sleep well tonight.

Early morning

Akko actually did had a decent dream. It was normal damsel in distress dream where the dashing prince steps in to save her. “You’re lonely aren’t you?, Don’t worry I’ll make sure that never happens again.” The strangely feminine voice comforted. The prince reached down for a kiss and then-BEEP BEEP!

“Ah!” Akko fell off her bed in alarm wondering where on earth that noise was coming from. “Stupid clock.” Akko mumbled annoyed. That dream was pretty good too, cute prince was a plus.

Akko rushed to the station ,wanting to share the dream with Mari-chan in person .Mari-chan was talking to a boy? The boy was tall, lanky and looked shyer than Mari-chan. Knowing it’s bad to eavesdrop ,Akko snuck over carefully dying to hear their conversation. “Kumakura-san…I really like you ,um will you please go out with me?” The boy was literally sweating in suspense ,Mari-chan must of noticed by now. “Okay.” Mari-chan replied quickly as if she gave no thought to it. “Ah, really ?Do want to study at my place?”

No fricken way was this loser trying to get in Mari-chan’s pants! “Back off!” Akko yelled bloody murder.


Akko-chan stormed outta who know’s where and yelled at Harada-kun. Somehow that really cheered up Mari. At the same time her heart hurt again. “Excuse me Kumakura-san ,my train’s here.” Harada-kun took off ,most likely in fear of Akko-chan’s rage. “Ohayo, Akko-chan.” Mari-chan tried to district her away from Harada-kun. “What kind of slime is that? Already asking you to his house!” Akko-chan shook her fist for emphasis. “It’s okay, mean we are only going to rehearse some lines….” Mari trailed off knowing she said too much. “Lines?” Akko-chan gave that cute puzzled expression of hers. “Y-Yeah. Harada-kun and I are in a play.” When that surprise her into silence ,Mari tried to explain. “See, it’s extra credit both of our schools are doing a joined play. You ought to play a role too Akko-chan!” Mari clasped Akko-chan’s hands “Wow…What’s you’re role Mari-chan?” Mari blushed and mumbled “The princess.”

“Heh, does that mean that guy’s you’re prince? Akko winked. ‘N-No. he’s the jester. We haven’t found a good prince yet. Probably because of the kissing scene..” Mari muttered under her breath. Regardless Akko-chan still heard. It looked as though it sent her into a panic. ” I’ll do it.” Akko-chan says softly.

“It’s fine Akko-chan. We can just cut out that character or something.” “What’s it called?”

“A Twisted Fate.” Mari spoke uneasily. From what she read so far, the prince dies and the princess transforms into a boy breathing life into the dead prince. The kissing part isn’t bad, especially if it’s with Akko-chan but what would everyone think? Mari sure doesn’t wanna ruin Akko-can’s reputation after all parents are invited . “Say, Mari-chan let’s start practicing!” Akko-chan batted her long eyelashes hopefully.

“Practice what?” Mari asked innocently. “The kissing scene of course!” Akko-chan held flushed Mari close then lightly shoved her back. “Kidding ,we’re gonna miss the train at this rate!” Akko-chan playfully stuck her tongue out. “Geez, Akko-chan!” Mari pouted. One thing both of the girl’s wondered was Why did I feel like butterflieswere in my stomach at that moment?

By : Hikaru yamamoto


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