h2 The Power of Three: T-Max Exclusive Interview With Teens SG Magazine January 6, 2010

18 Jun

Korean dance pop group T-Max has debuted for over two years, but they have been under the radar for most K-pop fans. However, thanks to the massive hit drama Boys Over Flowers, with T-Max member Kim Jun being one of the boys, this talented group receiving some much-deserved attention.

Here is the rundown on T-Max: T-Max is a three-member boy band known for their cheerful upbeat music. Shin Minchul is the lead singer. His strong vocals are distinct in every T-Max track and he is usually seen in glasses. He is the eldest member of the group, but apparently keeps a finger puppet monkey named Everererererer.

Park Yun Hwa is also in charge of singing. He is the youngest of the group and has more feminine features.

Kim Jun, the rapper, is probably the most well known of the three, thanks to his portrayal of Song Woo Bin in the drama Boys Over Flowers

T-Max debuted with the single “Blooming” and their latest songs “Paradise” and “Say Yes” have been gaining plenty of popularity lately as part of the original soundtrack of Boys Over Flowers. Teens talks to the winsome trio over email before they hit the Sundown Festival Seoul’d Out 2009 Concert.

Teens: What would you say is T-Max unique pont?
T-Max: The fact that three very different people could gather together and create wonderful music is T-Max’s unique point

Teens; T-Max recently had their first concert in Korea, how was it?
T-Max: it was more like a get- together with fans and singing songs rather than a concert! But it was a thrilling and exciting for us. We really want to finish preparations for our full-length album soon and perform a formal concert.

Teens: T-max is performing for the first time in Singapore this December. What are your feelings in regards to that?
T-Max: As this is our first visit, we will do our best. Hopefully after this, we would have more chances to perform in Singapore too,

Teens: I heard that T-Max are fans of Japanese pop band Arashi, what do you like about them?
T-Max: When we were preparing for our debut, we enjoyed Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers and also listening to the theme song “Love So Sweet” by Arashi.
After that, Kim Jun got the role in the Korean adaptation of Boys Over Flowers and we were lucky to be chosen to sing the theme song by chance too!
Boys Over Flowers

Teens: Speaking of Boys Over Flowers, Kim Jun, you starred in this very popular drama serial, are there any similarities between your character and Song Woo Bin’s character?
Kim Jun: Like my character in the show, I tend to take a step back and assess the situation rather than plunging into it. I guess I am not very impulsive.

Teens: You also starred in a musical after acting in Boys Over Flowers, do you have any plans to act in more dramas in the future?
Kim Jun: Of course. However I can’t give you any further details on this.

Teens: Your song “Paradise” received a lot of love from the public, what are T-Max’s plans from there onwards?
T-Max: We are preparing for T-Max’s first full length album.

Teens: What were your first impressions of each other?
T-Max: Min Chul seemed like a sharp guy. We thought Yun Hwa looked like a very cute girl, whil Kim Jun was very handsome

Teens: What special talents do the members have that no one really knows about?
T-Max: Min Chul is good at playing games while Yun Hwa has a gift for handling machinery. Kim Jun is just good at analyzing situations.

Teens: Does any member have any weird habits?
T-Max: Yun Hwa is able to sleep all day.

Teens: So what type of girls do the members like?
T-Max: well. I think it depends on the circumstances. We don’t really have a specific type.

Teens: What do you think is the secret to being a good pop band?
T-Max: You need to trust each other.

Teens: What does T-Max hope to achieve in the future?
T-Max: We hope that our music is able to comfort and make people feel happy.

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