aBoUt T-Max..

17 Jun

T.max is under the K-pop group Two-step method Entertainment (2step Entertainment), which became the Korean version of Japanese group Arashi. T.max started their debut with a single bloom. The single was released in conjunction with other singles, “Bang Bang Boom!” And “cavity”.

Kim Joon, is a rapper, actor and model, the increasingly famous after playing the Song Woo Bin, one hit F4 in the KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers.
Kim Joon actually debuted in 2007 as a singer in boy band T-Max. He is a rapper and also writes his own rapnya alone. In the song “Paradise” which is the OST of the first Boys Over Flowers. Another song which became the T-Max version of the OST on the other is the “Say Yes,” “Wish’re My Love”, “Fight the Feeling Bad,” and “Bang Bang Boom.” Kim Jun also has a single OST, entitled ” To Empty Out “a duet with Kim Jo Han.
Joon, call a member of another T-Max, an actor Boys Before Flowers, the least experience in the acting world and she was the oldest member of F4.

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